I believe in dreaming big.

I have proven to myself over the years that huge, wonderful, exciting dreams guide the everyday decisions bit by bit until the dream has become a reality. Then it’s time to make the dream bigger!

This is the first step in your preparation. Get your head in a positive place.

Next comes all of the small decisions that make the difference and what is wonderful is that you can’t go wrong by doing something and trying something, because every experience is the opportunity to learn.

Do something today.

I suffer from messy head…yes I like my hair that way but not my thinking. To help me I like my working space to be clear and organised. I share a studio with my husband so it is even more important that we have space to store our work in its various stages of progress. We have invested in purpose built storage, with everything on castors so that objects have a place and we can easily move them if needed.

Organise your space.

Further to the physical order it’s helpful to have systems to enable and encourage the process of doing. Suppliers details stored in one place, keep a book of income and expenses (or use computer software that allows you to regularly input data), a mailing list of people interested in your work, a clear pricing structure listed on a single page so that it’s easily readable during a buyer’s visit. Maintain these with regular additions to keep them up to date.

Devise and develop systems.

Ultimately creativity is like a flywheel, action is much easier and flowing following action.

Notice what is common to each occasion when you worked successfully and commit to going to the studio at those times. I am a morning person so I prefer to get in and get on, then I can have an indulgent treat later in the day. However, I have a deal with myself that if I’ve intended to work but life has taken a different priority then I work in the evening. For me as long as it’s quiet in the studio and I’m fed and watered then I can paint. Time is something that cannot be replaced so if you want something done…

Do it now and delay gratification.

“Art is not a thing; it is a way.”

Elbert Hubbard


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