The Big Break

There are different meanings of “Big Break”. The best one, the figure of speech, is the very positive one that I dream of…meeting that key person who can shift the direction of my career to great heights. Shift it onto the flowing path where actions lead onto others – getting me into the galleries that I want, providing the opportunities, exhibitions, competitions etc. and a respected name in the art world.


But there is a second “big break” that I want to talk about, a literal but more negative one. Or to be more clear – a long break, it is simply that I’ve had time away from my artistic career of being a fine artist and I need desperately to get back into it.


I have had twelve years being an art teacher. In that time my art business and my painting waned, my habits shifted. In my desire to be a good teacher, which really wasn’t easy at all, I shifted my gaze from my painting to the artistic endeavours of others. Advice I gave my students generally pertained to me too.


I utilised their wider interests to spark newness and wonder for me. I learned about artists that were new to me and practices that I don’t believe I would have necessarily taken part in. Although all of this experience was enriching, and I’m grateful for that, it was at the expense of my painting.


I am now over a decade older, my children are grown, my home in the later stages of development and financial burdens reduced. I have fewer distractions so I’m going to focus on the best “Big Break”…the one I desire.



I now embrace my new life and I’m into a personal creative flow.  I feel like I am coming back to life. I’m waking up. I am committed to taking positive actions every day, making my work, showing it, talking about it and that will allow me to find myself in front of those people who will make my dreams come true. I will meet my “Big Break”.

work in progress
Patience and tenacity are worth more than twice their weight of cleverness.
Thomas Huxley

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