Lovin’ It

As I reflect on a typical day in my new life I can barely believe my luck! For years I imagined and dreamed of days like this.

Take yesterday for example…as part of my research into where and how I’m going to market my work I visited a collector’s house, which was full of fabulous paintings and sculpture, including the work of Andrew Gifford who usually shows at the John Martin Gallery, London.

Followed by an open house showing the work of an artisan jewellery collaboration – Campoli and Nelson and I was able to buy an amazing abstract necklace in silver with glass.

I then met a lovely couple running the Cameron Gallery in Brighton showing work of familiar artists and some that are new to me. I found myself being struck by an unexpected painting, a dark, enigmatic portrait of a bearded man in a fur coat by Kevin Hendley. I happily spotted a stunning painting by another favourite of mine Barbara Rae. Following a supportive and interesting chat about painting and making approaches to galleries; I headed off to visit a print studio.

Helen Brown at – bip-Art was full of enthusiasm and left me keen to refresh my printmaking skills. I will be booking a course this week and join the studio to make some etchings, collagraphs and lithographs as soon as I can.

Just next door I met the lovely Kate Jenkins of Cardigan Ltd who makes fine art textiles and beautiful knitted wraps. I found a perfect spotted wrap, which looked great with the summer frock I was wearing.

The whole day was full of beautiful and inspiring things to look at, in beautiful locations, fascinating people and great conversations. Just perfect!

Artisan purchases 2015
Artisan purchases 2015

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