Simple Framing

watercolour on handmade paper
Settling Into It

As I paint these small works there is inevitably a flurry of action and a great variety of optional materials to enable intuitive decisions on “what next” kind of questions. Watercolours, paper, collage materials, oil pastels, pens, inks, glue, water pots etc etc …the list goes on. You can imagine…!

My paintings are generally intensely colourful and they need to be seen within some clean space. So I love it when they come home from the framer’s, looking fresh-faced and ready to go out into the world.

It is such a pleasure to look around the image, to let the eye and mind wander without the interruptions of any household tut that’s hanging around whatever surface I have rested them on.

I hope that seeing them like this makes you want to linger.

framed watercolour on handmade paper
Every Step Makes A Difference

There are currently 10 ready to buy. Please contact me if you are interested.


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