Seeing Older Paintings Through Different Eyes

I’ve been sifting through my studio looking at some older works recently, which is a lovely thing to do; it brings back memories, or I notice something special that can inform works in progress, or it can be warming like meeting an old friend.

On this occasion, I noticed something that I actually was already aware of, but it was if I genuinely saw it for the first time. It was the striking difference in the emotional content of the paintings from ten years ago.

I don’t believe that I’ve changed much as a person other than I have ten years more (and different) experience. But obviously I have…take a look…

There’s a real sense of control and the big jumps of contrasting tone heightens the hard edges. Notice how the colours have been put together with doses of acidic yellows and greens.

I can still see lots in common; the types of shapes, the scumbling mark making, layering and glazes. The colours would have the same names; pinks, yellows, greys and blues, yet they are so different.

So, compare them with these current works…

The colour is warmer or softer – more buoyant.

In all honesty…I think I am…warmer, softer and more buoyant!


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.




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