In the quiet moments

It’s the summer. We all look forward to summer holidays. Fantastic times ahead with new things to do and see. Holidays hold the opportunity for rest or exercise or whatever we most need.

I have just returned from my longest ever holiday and it was great. I had rest, read books, went out a lot and had a go on a banana boat. I also got inspiration for my next body of paintings.

I took photos.

IMG_1260 IMG_1261

I have been seeking structure in my painting and knowing that guided my decisions each time I got my camera out. Prior to the holiday I found myself battling with some unruly canvases in which I was unclear about what to do. I wandered into my garden seeking answers and found that as this was also created by me it was also unruly and unkempt…that was no help.

On our holiday I took the time and space away from the perceived bedlam at home (we’re also having major building works done) and in the quiet moments began to notice what was around me.

I don’t know that others will necessarily see the beauty of what I found but for me…they are balanced compositions of shapes, movements and patterns. They hold the key to exciting new things. They excite my mind and fill me with enthusiasm. These structures will be starting points for my next body of work. I will begin my paintings with structure, rather than trying to add structure later.

I’m also going to do it with my garden too. Everything will be taken out and only put back after a strong structure has been planted.

It is clear that my holiday gave me the “quiet moments” that I needed and in doing so gave me the clarity to create quiet spaces for me at home.

I love holidays.

IMG_1354 IMG_1392 IMG_1413 IMG_1348


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