All Change

So much is happening at the moment, which seems to be both breathtakingly fast and tiresomely slow…the wonderful thing is…I’m loving it.

The designed changes that I am adjusting to are allowing me to achieve more, such as the calm created by the garden being landscaped, the ease of use with the new parking area created, the potentially stunning kitchen now that the space has been extended. And don’t get me into the benefits of yoga too! It’s very helpful to see the jobs nearing completion, it’s inspiring changing behaviours in me.

However, there is a big wait until we have a kitchen, so chores are taking much, much longer to do.

Time has become tight, but I have lots of starting points to work with, so I’m making a series of small works. I will be able to finish them even with reduced studio time.

We are endeavouring to make our home and garden function better, which led me to thinking about my studio needs, which were still not ideal. So I am working in a temporary space until the studio extension can be built…can you believe it? I’ve realised how important it is to invest in me.

I would say that emerging themes in this body of work are structure, depth, flow, energy and warmth. I’m liking the changes in me, the changes in my studio and the changes in my work. All change!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  George Bernard Shaw


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