I Love New Year

I love new year.

Not necessarily the parties, they’re fun but short-lived.

I love that a new year is a time to reflect briefly on the last, whilst placing a new focus on the coming months. What would I like to reflect on next year? What would feel like success? How big dare I dream…because I like achievable goals that I can mark with a big tick when they’re done!

Last year was about achieving order from the lovely chaos – keeping the lovely and letting go of chaos. This is going really well. I’m enjoying the benefits of completing tasks. I’m enjoying the space from reducing clutter. Although this is still ongoing, I’m nearly there and it feels fantastic.

This year I am building from dreams through ambition and into reality.

One focus will be upon picking up pace on my flywheel of making artworks – I know that when I make regularly my creativity flows readily…how much and what quality am I capable of? What questions will that throw up and what answers will I arrive at? I can already see some elements to explore.

Another focus is to meet lots of people in the art community. I am very excited at the prospect of visiting Barbara Rae RA in her studio this year. She has been a fabulous inspiration already and this is luscious timing for me.

Also relationships need to be nurtured with the galleries that I have been checking out and some new ones that I will seek this year.

And I will show my work…I don’t know where…yet?

Watch this space.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”

Dr Seuss

Making Connections
Making Connections

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