Titles Can Make Or Break A Painting

I love good titles. For me, good titles are those that allow me into the painting but don’t tell me exactly what to think. If the title limits where I can go with my imagination as I enjoy a piece of artwork I become frustrated, I can go off them, which is not a great outcome!

If You Hold Me
If You Hold Me

I whole-heartedly love paintings, I love making them and love spending time looking at them. My preferred occupation as a viewer is to ask questions and spend time pondering on what it means to me today…because tomorrow it may be different. Then I do it again and again. It’s like a game where time has to be involved because that makes it more fun.

It is as if my exploration of paintings is a key to unlocking my mind and my appalling memory. There have been numerous occasions when friends and family recount a funny story of our lives and I’m reminded that I was there. They give me the prompts to unlock a memory. On my own I need another device…and that takes the form of art, music and poetry.

Shadows Twisting
Shadows Twisting


I spend days reading poetry interspersed with hours paying attention to lyrics in songs. I get my brain into thinking in words and phrases instead of colours and marks. I gather phrases that call out to me, that make connections and I match them to working titles and existing paintings. Then I need to live with them to make sure that they fit. It’s a truly worthwhile investment of time.


Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad

“Fruit Salad” for example. It may be very simple but it takes me right back to childhood, to a place and time when I walked to junior school past the treasure trove of a sweet shop where I could get a handful of sweets for a penny. There is a string of memories attached to that single prompt…it’s a good place. Perhaps layers of memories is more clear…and they go on. Is this why I am a painter?



Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin


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