“Treasured Every Note” Exhibition of 16 Paintings

Exhibition King’s Hill Property Trust, Kent

There are 16 paintings in a collection exhibited at King’s Hill Property Trust, Kent entitled “Treasured Every Note”, it will be there until May. You may have noticed that this is the same title as the previous painting posted in this blog. Fantastic.

It’s an important title for me, representing a period of time, which has by no stretch of the imagination been easy. However, life throws things at you, sometimes out of the blue and sometimes you can see or feel it coming but it’s important to notice everything. It’s important to feel it – pleasure and pain.

My life is in these paintings, not literally nor in any representative way but they certainly carry emotions. I have sometimes hidden behind abstraction, perhaps believing that it’s kind of like revealing yourself but in secret, so no-one really knows anything about you. However, I can see looking back at this body of work that it carries intensity, depth and the complexity of the mixed emotions that have been experienced. Layers of transparent colour over textured surfaces, which are littered with floating and tangled shapes require you to look deeply, to look through and beyond.  The need to pack everything in so tightly implies pressure and yet there are calm elements, not resigned or ignorant but defining strength and internal power. This is why the title is so important. I want to feel my wisdom as it grows, every uncomfortable and important moment of it.

Your intellect may be confused but your emotions will never lie to you. Roger Ebert, film critic


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