Yvonne Roberts deconstructs and reconstructs images of personal significance to create abstract paintings and collages, recognised for their strong sense of colour and form. Shapes and marks overlap and converge, as if in conversation with one another – each piece serving as a form of visual poetry, for both artist and viewer alike. Much like Albert Irvin and Howard Hodgkin, she has adopted a gestural approach, turning representative motifs into dynamic, rhythmical compositions, and though any indication of subject is removed, an emotive and immersive narrative remains.

Post Graduate, Education
Post Graduate, Fine Art Printmaking
BA (Hons), Fine Art Painting


Selected Exhibitions

Currently exhibiting at King’s Hill – Liberty Property Trust, Kent until end April 2018

2017 Turning Tides Contemporary Art, Battersea, London
2016 Opposites Attract : Yvonne Roberts & Andrew Roberts, Sussex
1994-02 Group: 2 by 4 Studios Exhibitions, West Sussex.
2001 Group: Summer Exhibition, Highgate Fine Art, London.
2001 Group: Spring Exhibition, Sanderson, George & Peach, West Yorkshire.
2000 Group: Three Artists, Workhouse Gallery, King’s Road, London.
1999 Group: Battersea Arts Fair, London.
1998 Group: High On Colour, Hawth, Crawley.
1998 Group: Manifestation, Art Centre, Horsham.
1995 Group: Inspirit, Maidstone, Kent.
1995 Solo: Noisy & Quiet, Ashford Gallery, Kent.
1995 Solo: Juggling Characters, Stables Gallery, London.
1994 Solo: Scrubbed & Bejewelled, Art Centre, Horsham.
1993 Solo: Exciting Proposition, Prominent Studios, Camden, London.
1993 Solo: Warm Thoughts, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham.
1993 Solo: Colouring In Memories, Hawth, Crawley.

1991-2002 Arts Community Projects, Sussex County Councils
1987-1995 Artist Residencies, Sussex

Curatorial Projects

1998-2004 Art Consultant – Art Loans, Groovy Art, West Sussex.
1994-2001 Founding Member, Trustee, Chairperson, 2 by 4 Studios, W Sussex